A Love Story in Launceston

Thank you everyone for becoming my friends, sharing my emotions, helping me during hard time… I appreciate that! I love you guys so much…

Have you ever thought that you will fall in love with one particular country instead of someone? When you love something, it could change you. Maybe you do not immediately recognize it but for a while, your girlfriend or your wife will hate you or love you more =))

As for me, the first feeling in Launceston was that I felt so alone… My English was so bad. I could not understand even when my friends spoke to me in IAP class, which is the introductory academic program for AusAID students. Mr Male (^^) was so friendly when he tried to speak to me. “Sorry, what is your name again?” – “Idul Male” he said. “Alright, Ai-dul!” I tried to pronounce correctly. “No, I-dul!” he corrected. It was so ashamed because even the beautiful and easy to remember name to pronounce I could not do a good job… (Sorry mas Idul. Do not laugh me please! Ok?)

Day over day… I felt better due to the kindness of my only friend, Idul. Hmmm… but one more thing made me feel guilty that after nearly 1.5 year, I recognized that my best friend’s last name should be pronounced as “Ma-le” not “Male” as a gender. Idul taught me a lot of things. I tried to learn how to count one to ten in Indonesian, learn about the Indonesian culture. I do not know that I am falling in love with… Indonesia already (Everyone!!! Not with mas Idul! Ok?) ^^

Mas Idul and me

Mas Idul and me

Then other special friend came. “Fiaaaaa!!! Thank you so much because of your accompany. I also learnt a lot from you”. After that, I realized that the Indonesian is so smart! Greatly, when I am sad, she always speaks and encourages me. I feel that I have a whole family here. “But Fia, you know that I also hate you so much because you are excellent student!” >.< Hmmm… one interesting thing is that only Indonesian in Tasmania complain about my pronunciation. I always remember that! =.=

At the final year of my course, it is so amazing when I get more Indonesian friends, mas Cipon, mas Mboel, mas Edy and mba Fera. The complicated thing happened when Dib Dib (friendly nick name of mas Adib – our vice president) came to stay with me (and again we stay in different rooms, of course). The love is bigger, bigger and bigger… “Oh my God, I love mas Adib as well. How come???” – “Oops… my mistake… I love you guys so much in terms of the Indonesian friendships not Dib Dib” =))

Mas Mboel, Mas Adib, Mas Edy and me

Mas Mboel, Mas Adib, Mas Edy and me

I learnt how to cook the Indonesian food and ayam satay (sate ayam) is the first food that I have learnt. It was not terrible but then the Wingko was so… “Oh no… I do not want to talk about that!” =.= In Launceston, I have got many memorized things. I will miss this place. Next few months, I will be back my country. It is so pity because I could not stay here to enjoy Tasmania with your guys anymore. I know that any party should end but I still feel so upset… Thank you everyone for becoming my friends, sharing my emotions, helping me during hard time… I appreciate that! I love you guys so much… I hope that after I come back, I can visit Indonesia and then I will come to all you guys’ houses and enjoy free Indonesian food, but I need free a tour guide please… ^_^

Written in Launceston, 11th April, 2015 by Special international member, Luc Dang

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