Halal Guide: How to find halal food in Launceston?

As Muslims, we eat only halal food. In Indonesia, halal food is everywhere because we are a Muslim majority country. Scholar’s organisations provide halal certification and many products have been halal certified. In addition, abattoirs is being checked to slaughter their stocks in halal way. So, it is very easy to get halal products back home.

Obviously, as Muslims we still have to eat halal food wherever we are. Being an overseas student in Launceston, Tasmania makes me more conscious about what I am having for my breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snacking time. Here I would like to briefly my experience of finding halal food in Tassie. Inevitably, everyone has their own understanding about halal food. As I had discussion with other international Muslim friends, one has different opinion with me. So may Allah forgives our mistakes and guide us to find the right path.

SteggleTo get halal meat, 195 stamp is the main identity we can consider. For example, if we go to local butcher shop, they have a bulk of meat (±5 kg) in tight plastic wrap sometimes. This meat is, I guess, supplied from the big abattoir in Longford. I usually buy that meat and share with others and slice it by myself. Apart from local shop, we can drive to Swift Meat, Longford (±30 mins) and purchase 195 meat there. Alternatively, if we want to have chicken, we are able to find halal chicken in Launceston. There is one meat shop called Farm Yard providing halal certified chicken such as whole chicken, wings, or drums sticks. Instead of farm yard chicken, Steggle’s chicken products are halal certified. These products are supplied to COLES and WOOLWORTH near campus. We can just have a look Steggle’s package and then we might see halal stamp there.

Generally, I am not having difficulties find halal food in Launceston even though it is limited. Because I am able to find what I want here. For instance, there are many cakes such as sponge cake, mud cake and many else with vegetarian (V) sign the local shops. I am happy to have them because they do not contain meat products. Additionally, I am happy to eat cheese with non-animal rennet ingredients. Other than that example, if I doubt I would just google and check the product’s brand or product’s ingredient. Then decide whether it is okay for me or not.


Halal label in some products sold in supermarkets in Launceston

It will be good for us to eat out some times. In Launceston, there are some restaurants in a town which provide halal food. They are King of Kebab, Ali’s Asian Café and Maharajj Indian restaurant. More information about these restaurants we can find it on Muslim Student Association Launceston website here.

Lastly, I am not suggesting anyone to follow what I believe about halal food but stay chatty and ask your Muslims friend if you are in doubt or find more information on the internet. INSHAA ALLAH guide us the to find the best way.

Written by Fikri Firmansyah

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