A visit to Cradle Mountain!

If you are a real adventurer, why not study in Tasmania?

One of the advantageous studying in Tasmania is we can explore the natural beauty of the state at any time we want to. The state possesses a number of national parks and the parks in a certain season exude their beauty, not to mention Cradle Mountain. It is a favourite place to visit for both domestic and international tourists either during spring, summer, fall, or winter. The place is located in the northwestern Tasmania and takes around 2 hours driving from Launceston.

My first trip to explore Tasmania was started from Cradle Mountain. At that time, I just arrived in this state which coincided with the beginning of winter season. I went up to the mountain with two of my friends who were having a holiday in Tasmania. We initially began seeking for the information about a suitable day to visit the mountain and also made sure that the snow had been falling (that was our ultimate goal to be frank, yeah to see the snow pouring the mountain!!).

My first time touching snow!

My first time touching snow!

To get there, we can travel using our own car (but we have to make sure that the tire of the car is in good shape, because when we go up there during winter, it will be very slippery) or we can travel by a bus. We decided to travel by a bus instead because it offers the passengers a short visit to some other places before and after visiting the mountain. We woke up in the early morning and then headed to the station to catch a bus.

Along the way to the mountain, the driver was occasionally explained some places. I remembered he stopped the bus when we were in Sheffield (a town in Tasmania) to allow the passengers to take some rest, enjoy the scenery and walk around the city before we continue the trip. Some passengers who also wanted to purchase the cradle mountain merchandises and souvenirs were also brought to the nearby shops. From this place we had been able to see the top of the mountain covered by the snow. We then continued the trip to the final destination.

We finally reached the transit point in the cradle mountain park. Since the road was slippery and wet, we had to change to other bus in order that we could get close to the mountain. The bus then dropped us to the dropping point and we were allowed to walk around the area. It was amazing moment because the snow was falling and tasted plain (Yeah, I tested the snow….I scoped using my hand and ate them. Everybody stared and laughed at me, and me too I laughed). We then headed to a famous lake called Dove Lake and just behind the lake, the whole mountain were covered by the falling snow. The lake was drinkable and tasted really fresh.

It's me and the snow in Cradle Mountain

It’s me, the Dove Lake, and the snow in Cradle Mountain

It was really fun trip. We could visit the place not only during winter but also other seasons with different panorama. If you are a real adventurer, why not study in Tasmania? See more detail about Cradle Mountain here.

Written by Idul Male

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