Looking for a part-time job in Launceston

As an international student, looking for a part time job is one of the fastest ways to improve your language and even you can earn money to enjoy your life in overseas. In Launceston, doing part time job is so challenged but well experienced.

keep-calm-and-work-hard-study-hard-4Have you ever thought of looking for a part time job before you decide to study in Tasmania? It is a little bit easier in Hobart but in Launceston, you have fewer choices. Obviously, there are not many jobs in Launceston but at least you can see that many students have worked as waiters or waitresses. This kind of job is very common in Australia because Australian people do not cook frequently at home compared to Asian countries like Indonesia. They choose to enjoy their meals in restaurants instead of going to market, buying something and cooking at home. As for them, there are some reasons that I could tell. Firstly, cooking is time-consuming. Rather than cooking, they can spend time to take care their family because during the day, they have to work very hard. Secondly, Australian women do not how to cook actually =)). The last thing is that they are also lazier in cooking than Asian women. These reasons I learnt from my old boss but I am not sure how correct they are (^_^)

In terms of looking for a job, there are some ways that you can apply. I know that Mr. Google is very famous and useful but here I would like to show you other tools. You should be familiar with Mr. Gum, who is new good guy that you have to meet. Simply, you just type “Gumtree.com.au” and then search for any types of jobs you are interested in. Remember to click “Search” button to see the result! You do not want to stay for a whole night to wait the result coming out =)). In the list, you can see all part time jobs, which are available now. Other useful website is jobseeker. It is similar but simpler than Mr. Gum. After that, you can apply for the most suitable one you would like to do. You should prepare a good CV when you apply for a job.

Gumtree website

Gumtree website

It is really good experience when you have a part time job. You can quickly improve your English by communicating with Australian everyday. They can also help to correct your pronunciation when you speak to them. Beside that, learning Australian culture is also interesting when you understand how the Australian family has dinner. In a dinner table, following the British culture, a man and a woman have to sit at two sides of table as a king and a queen. And of course, they should pay the bill.

In summer, students have break time. Picking fruits is also good experience you should try. However, this kind of job is really far from Launceston so you must have a car. You can try to apply for picking strawberries or raspberries at Berlington farm in Cressy. Alternatively, you can find a job in apple or cherry farms in Hillwood or around this area. It is not required to know English very well but you have to work really hard to get money because your payment is dependent on your yields. In winter, the economy in Australia is not going well. Many restaurants could be closed and there could be also fewer jobs in fruit farms. Therefore, if you want to commence your study in semester 2, you should consider it.

A big and delicious strawberry that I got from Berlington farm (Photo: Luc Dang)

A big and delicious strawberry that I got from Berlington farm (Photo: Luc Dang)

In general, compared to other states, there are not many part time jobs to do in Tasmania. However, if you have a chance to work, it is really good experience! You can earn $100/day if you work in fruit farm or $15 – 20/hour if in restaurants. Honestly, it is good amount of money that can greatly support your study and family. I think it is enough for part-time jobs. Hope you can enjoy the small but beautiful island in Australia. It is a little bit boring but for a long time, you will love it!

Written by Luc Dang

2 responses to “Looking for a part-time job in Launceston

  1. Hi friends,I am coming hobart but really i wanted part time jobs,,,,,,,am from india,,,,,while studying UTAS,is that possible


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