How to prepare for exams?

It has been three months since our association was established. The exam is coming and everyone is finishing the first semester of 2015. It should be a little bit stressful when you guys figure out a lot of things we have to memorise or understand. The question is always made by new students, which is how to deal with the exam? What is the best way to manage your time in the studying period, which is a week before the exam period? I would like to suggest some ideas just to help you have a general idea when the terrible exam is coming.

First of all, I would like you guys to check the time table for your exams, which was already released probably this or last week – around the mid or end of May. Write it down in your diary or on calendar, which you received from TUU in the orientation week. Why do you have to do that? Because it helps you well organise your time and remind you how many days left before the exam. Yup! Now you have a general organisation about how the exam is going.

The next step is how you can prepare all for your units. Every year, your lecturers could upload the previous exam on the UTAS library network. Find it and try to work and answer the questions on it! You will have ideas how the exam papers look like. Basically, just access UTAS library webpage. Go to “Exam papers” tab on the right panel and type your unit code i.e. JFA524, which is Aquatic Animal Physiology and Behaviour. After that, you will see some previous papers. Download it and enjoy it! =))

Sample of unit JFA524 papers

Sample of unit JFA524 papers

The important thing is that do not keep focusing on previous papers because some new questions could be showed up in the exam. Try to look at the lecture notes or listen to the recordings again. I am sure that will help you a lot in memorising things when you combine listening and watching at the same time when you learn.

One of the effective ways is doing group study. Again, when you discuss some questions with your friends, you can listen and speak and watch. Those three skills will significantly help you, I guess! =)) That worked very well for me last 2 years. Try to book a room in library or learning hub. You do not want some one keep bothering you when you are learning. To do this, you can book online through UTAS library webpage at However, I advise that you should book at the reception because rooms to be reserved online are always not available but actually they are not.

In terms of mastering your lectures, you have to not only look at notes but also assignments or practical sessions that you spent with. Sometimes, they could appear in the exam and the unit “Molecular biology” is as an example for that. It was surprising me at that time but lucky me, I did still have a good memory. Thanks Allah (^^) Try to summarise the main points before you are going to details.

Just a few months before your exams are coming, hopefully you could make a mystery! The last thing to remember is that you should check the time and place of your exam before leaving home. I do not want you guys to be late because of wrong places or misremembering the time. And do not forget your calculators… Please check required stuff before you go! Finally, I wish all of you will get the best results after hard study. Good luck to everyone!


Written in Melbourne, 20 May 2015

Luc Dang

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