Harmonise the Harmony Day: Javanese Gamelan Orchestra

One of ISAT missions is promoting Indonesian culture to not only to student community in University of Tasmania, but also to wider community from different backgrounds in Tasmania.

A couple of months ago, in late March, the ISAT had an opportunity to perform an orchestra using Javanese Gamelan in an event called “Harmony Day” organised by Tasmanian University Union (TUU), University of Tasmania. Javanese Gamelan is a set of traditional instrumental ensemble including percussive instruments. For most of ISAT members, this performance was their first time experience ever. The ISAT members played several songs, including Singo Nebah.

Thanks to mba Umi and Carmencita who have encouraged and trained us to perform an Javanese Gamelan Orchestra. Not to forget the amazing gamelan players: Mas Mboel, Mba Fera, Mas Pono, Mas Adib, Mba Mila, Mba Ayu, and Mas Nusantara. Not to forget to all ISAT members who supported us in this performance.

Hope you enjoy our performance.

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