Plan Your Trip to Tasmania!!! (Part 1)

The first step to explore the possibilities in Tassie!

Secangkir Kopi

Tasmania is well-known around the world for its beauty. A small island just below Australia mainland offers various kinds of scenery from the famous mountain of cradle mountain, a fascinating beach of wineglass bay, a unique historical landscape of Port Arthur and many more. Lonely Planet even names this island in their list of 2015’s must-visit destinations. But, what is the best time for visiting Tasmania?

Tasmania located in temperate latitude has 4 seasons. Personally, I prefer summer than the other seasons to visit Tasmania because this period offers better weather, temperature and longer daylight. However, winter in Tasmania also offers different experience and feeling. There are snow in Cradle Mountain and Mount Wellington or even you can go skiing in Ben Lomond National Park. The problems in winter are the changing weather in one day, freezing and shorter daylight.

It is also a bit hard to make travel itinerary…

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