ISAT won prestigious awards

This year will be an unforgettable year for ISAT. Early this year, ISAT was established and the end of this year, ISAT won prestigious achievements.

Demo Putra, Edy Setyawan, and Adib Mustofa

ISAT successfully secured awards from the Tasmanian University Union (TUU) Society Council as the Best New Society and Cultural Society of The Year. In addition, ISAT also won an individual award called Gold Award represented by Edy Setyawan. On 13 November 2015, ISAT received the awards during TUU society council ceremonial event in University of Tasmania Sandy Bay Campus.


Indonesia won 4 awards! Together with Indonesian Students Society.

Related to one of ISAT’s goals, which is to promote Indonesian culture to wider community in Tasmania, ISAT performed a number of cultures, such as Sajojo dance and Gamelan orchestra. Moreover, ISAT promoted introducing Indonesian culinary in campus event. ISAT is being consistent and creative in every program, which finally led ISAT to the awards. Beside ISAT, Indonesian Students Society in Hobart campus also won an award for the Best Collaboration Society.

These awards were grandiose appreciations for what ISAT did as a new society an also a great motivation for ISAT to keep improving at the future. ISAT would like to thank former committee members for such a great job!

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