A Wineglass Bay View from The Top of Mt. Amos

Another adventurous trip by Adib Mustofa!

Secangkir Kopi

Freycinet National Park is one of the popular destinations located in the east coast of Tasmania. It offers wide variety of activities and also places to visit including beach walking, broad walking, bushwalking, swimming, bird-watching and camping in the Freycinet circuit and so on. One of the most popular places to visit in this national park is Wineglass bay.  This place offers a dramatic view of the bay. There are two different trails to enjoy the view of this bay in which each trail offers different level of enjoyment and challenges. The first and the most common trails is the trail of wineglass bay lookout and the second one is the trail heading to the top of Mt. Amos. For me, personally, the best view of the bay is from the top of Mt. Amos.

To reach the top of Mt. Amos, it needs around 3 hours return . The trail itself is very challenging and demanding…

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