Indonesian Maritime Seminar – Hobart 2015

In December 2015, Indonesian students of University of Tasmania (UTas) participated in “Indonesian Maritime Seminar” held by Indonesian Embassy for Australia in Hobart, Tasmania. In this occasion, Nine of Indonesian students were given chance to talk about Indonesian maritime and fisheries issues in front of Indonesian Ambassador, Mr. Nadjib Riphat Kesoema, Indonesian Consul-General and staffs. Wide range of topics were presented, such as: Indonesian Marine Aquaculture (by Supono), Management of Indonesian Marine Protected Area (by Fikri Firmansyah), Seafood Safety and Quality (by Fera Roswita Dewi, Novalia Rachmawati, Radestya Triwibowo), Fishing Logbook Application in Arafura Sea (by Katharina Lumban gaol), Marine Conservation and Traditional Fisherman (by Qurratu A’yunin Rohmana), Ship Biofouling Monitoring (by Cony Sumoro) and Forecasting Future Predictive Crime at Indonesian Sea (by Demo Putra).

The purpose of the seminar was to share Indonesian students’ ideas related to marine and fisheries issues in Indonesia.

seminar hobart 1

The team of 9 UTas Indonesian students who participated during the seminar

seminar hobart 2

The team of 9 UTas Indonesian students together with Indonesian Ambassador, Mr Nadjib Riphat Kesoema and his staffs


The result of seminar was then forwarded to the minister of marine and fisheries affairs to support Indonesian marine and fisheries policy.


Written by Supono
Edited by Juliana Endang

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