Taste of The Campus 2016


Further to our previous post, ISAT’s participation at the Taste of The Campus event held by Tasmanian University Union (TUU) at University of Tasmania – Newnham Campus was a big success. Our food was one of the quickest to be sold out that evening.


good business

Some of you may be curious on what kind of experience do you get, here are what two of our preparation team members say:

Many people say that each student has their own particular outlet to keep their body and soul healthy. For me, cooking is one of it. Making money from my hobby is one of the best experiences during my study. The event was not only about selling food, but also to strengthen our friendship. Thanks for playing your part in our association (ISAT). One night and one good moment.

-Fera Roswita Dewi

Being a student dependent following my husband during his study in Tasmania is one of the most amazing moment in my life. Being exposed to new culture, lifestyle, foods and many new things is so exciting. One of the biggest challenges is to find halal food around the accommodation area. This inspired me to cook varieties of traditional cuisines that are popular in Indonesia, but not easily found here. Recently, I had a chance to participate in Taste of The Campus food fair in UTas. In this event, the women of the association including me cooked and introduced indonesian cuisine such as: indonesian rissole (risol), corn fritters (bakwan jagung), indonesian spring roll (martabak telur), fried noodles (mie goreng), yellow rice with spicy egg (nasi kuning) and rice flour porridge with coconut sugar sauce (bubur sumsum).

The main purpose of this event is to introduce food from various nationalities represented by each of the student associations.

I am so proud to have a chance in promoting indonesian cuisines to the wider community in Tasmania, Australia. Can’t wait to promote new menu in next events!!

-Hevi D Suhesa

So we can take it in conclusion that our mission in introducing indonesian traditional food to international community is achieved through this event. We are looking forward to the same and/or even bigger food event like this.


Written and edited by Juliana Endang

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