Student Support

Dear Friends,

We guess that you might chance upon this website because you are planning to come and study at University of Tasmania (UTas). Be it your first time or not, we understand that staying in a foreign place always bring some fear to us. Academically wise, do not worry much as UTas have their Student Support team. You can get helped in below categories:

1. Student Learning Drop In
This program is an academic development service provided by current students working as Student Learning Mentors. The student learning mentors are a successful students with their study from different courses who can give advices on how to do well in your studies.

2. Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)
It offers free unit specific group study sessions led by students who have previously succeeded in the unit. In this sessions, students work together to revise content and strengthen study skills in a relaxed and friendly environment.

3. Student Learning Consultation
The Learning Skills Advisers will support you to develop academic skills you need to succeed in your study. The focus is to assist you in becoming an independent learner.

4. Student Learning Workshop
The workshops are open to students studying in degree programs at UTas to improve on English language and academic skills.

You can also browse around this link for more information.

To Indonesian students, fear not as we will try making your stay here as close as home. We are excited to see you here soon.


(Written by Demo Putra; Edited by Juliana Endang)

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