About ISAT

The Indonesian Student Association Tasmania or ISAT is a non-profit organisation which is incorporated under the Tasmania University Union (TUU), University of Tasmania. Established in early 2015, the ISAT represents the interests of Indonesian students and ISAT members at the University of Tasmania. Furthermore, The ISAT has several aims, i.e.:

  1. To accomodate and facilitate current and prospective Indonesian students at the University of Tasmania
  2. To promote Indonesian culture to wider community in Australia, particularly in Tasmania.
  3. To promote the University of Tasmania to prospective students from Indonesia.
  4. To provide a channel of communication between Indonesian students and relevant societies and bodies within the Students’ Union and the University.
  5. To provide a specific forum for the dissemination and discussion of information and knowledge about matters of interest for Indonesian students.
  6. To facilitate and encourage the involvement of Indonesian students in all aspects of the Students’ Union.

The ISAT now has at least 15 members consisting of students studying in University of Tasmania in Newnham Campus.