It was not easy to find information about studying in Tasmania for international students, especially for Indonesian who are looking for information about living and culture in Tasmania as well as about studying and academic life in the University of Tasmania. Before departing to Tasmania, we mostly just contacted our colleagues studying in University of Tasmania to collect some of those information. However, some current and former students didn’t get enough information they needed.

Finally, we came up with an idea to have an organisation providing all of the information about Tasmania without limitation on just about studying in the university, but also about all aspects including culture, tourism destinations and attractions (one of the top tourims destinations in the world attracting many people to come), academic life, and other useful information about daily survival in Tasmania and so on.

Began in the early autumn in 2015, on 21 March 2015, we gathered for enjoying Indonesian food in one of Indonesian students’ house. We discussed about our difficulties to find certain information about living in Tasmania. We all felt the same about those things and got an idea to form a student association which can help prospective students from Indonesia, who need information about Tasmania. Besides, having a student association also make us easier to get through the administrative stuff in the university when we organise social events such as celebrating Indonesian independence day with Indonesian community in Tasmania.

Several requirements needed before forming student association, which is under The Tasmania University Union (TUU), such as organisation constitution, meeting minutes, and support from students who will be the members of the association. After all of the requirements collected, including signature supports from all Indonesian students and Vietnamese student (Luc Dang, who is the first international member in the association), we met the manager of TUU to deliver our intention. He was really supportive with this idea and then organised several things to us such as opening a bank account and making Australian Business Number (ABN) to be approved as student association. In two weeks, an association called INDONESIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION TASMANIA (ISAT) has officially established.

We hope this association will be beneficial to many people, especially prospective Indonesian students looking for information about studying and living in Tasmania. Our future hope is that it can grow bigger and become source of inspirations for students who are interested to studying in Tasmania.