Student’s Life

Students’ life can be separated with academic related activities such as studying, doing assignments, lectures, practical work, tutorials, consultations with lectures. In addition to those, interaction with other students from many different countries and backgrounds may have some advantages and drawbacks. Also, how students adapt with new place and new situations different from their origin may create some issues.

In this page, you may find some important information about anything related to students’ life students in University of Tasmania.

Academic life

  1. Exam preparation
  2. Mylo – Easy way to academic life
  3. eStudent
  4. Learning assistance
  5. Tips and tricks to find research supervisors
  6. 13 week challenges

Social life

  1. Starting new life in Launceston
  2. Part time job
  3. Enjoying Tassie’s four seasons
  4. Studying overseas is exciting
  5. Making friends
  6. Joining University sport clubs
  7. Looking for a used car
  8. Looking for accommodation
  9. How to fish in Tasmania
  10. Plan your trip to Tasmania (Exploring Tasmanian wilderness)

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